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Why Should I Sell My Texas Mineral Rights?

Selling mineral rights is a tough decision, but can make a lot of sense if your investment portfolio is “overweight” in minerals or royalty production. When we discuss when and why to sell mineral rights with our clients, we try to speak in terms of a holistic investment portfolio approach.  We caution and remind our clients to not allow their emotional attachment to get in the way of important investment diversification choices like selling their mineral rights.

Generally, if you’re a mineral owner who has - 

  • Outstanding mortgage or household debt
  • College or other future expenses that require savings
  • Health problems
  • Income from Royalty Payments that they simply can’t afford losing
Then you should strongly consider selling part or all of your mineral rights or royalty payments.  However, if you do not have any immediate needs, plenty of cash in the bank and view your monthly royalty payments as just another check, then you wouldn’t have any reason to sell your minerals.
When you want to talk about selling your Texas Mineral Rights or Texas Royalty Ownership, contact Go Texas Minerals at info@gotexasmineralrights.com.


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